IT Solutions Tailored-Fit to Your Business Needs

Projectova Dokumentacia has IT solutions tailored-fit to your business needs. We create a delightful experience for users and make their tasks simpler and easier just like a mobile app. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. We keep things simple, but we can be diverse in terms of our features and technology in case your business might need it.

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Project Documentation System for Teams

Complex tasks that include enormous amounts of documents could be dragging your team’s spirit. Instead of spending their time on major tasks, they have to deal with the minor organizational tasks such as documentation. Imagine the amount of time you’ll save if you have software that does the documentation. Your team will thank you for it. Their workloads will be lightened which enables them to focus on more complex tasks that require human intervention and thinking. Stop wasting time. Get Projectova Dokumentacia.


Document Management Made Easy

Creating a structure need some time and some thought. But with Projectova Dokumentacia, creating a structure for your team is easier like a piece of cake. Our software is easy to customize and will provide intelligent suggestions on how you should structure your document management system. There is more reason to be jolly on Amsterdam holiday than just getting cheap hotels in Amsterdam. You can totally put your mind to rest knowing that our software is there to back up, secure, and manage your team’s work.

Collaboration Like No Other

Every team members can collaborate freely with Projektova Dokumentacia. You might be asking, there are several free software which does the same thing, so what’s the difference? Our difference is we keep track of everything. Unlike with other free collaboration software out there, we provide detailed documentation of the changes. If you like to restore a specific line but keep the rest, that is possible with our software. There is no need to re-do the files.

Affordable Software

Our software is affordable compared to our competitors. Get coupon in app on products and start saving time. Getting our software is a smart investment. It is a great combination of efficiency and effectivity. Your team will thank you for it.

Maximum Security

Projectova Dokumentacia uses a military-grade security system to protect your sensitive information against hackers and other potential threats. We have great feedback from tech blog to grow traffic and other clients who are using our software.

Automated Workflow

For the line of businesses that require regular feedback and approval between departments or team members, our software will automate a workflow for you to ensure quality and efficiency. Everyone in the organization who is responsible for these specific documents will be on the loop automatically.

Free Add-ons and Upgrades

Another reason why you should choose us is the free add-ons and upgrades. In the business world, one thing is constant, change. We understand that changes and upgrades are necessary to keep up with your business requirements. For that reason, Projektova Documentacia software is inclusive of free add-ons and upgrades.

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